Pastor J is the associate pastor for the Hillcrest SDA Church, in Nashville, TN ( He enjoys the opportunity to interact with the community and disciple believers.  Pastor J has a special burden for youth and urban outreach ministry.



Pastor J has been involved in media ministry for over 12 years. He believes that that gospel will be spread to all the world through the use of technology, social media, and Christians dedicated to producing quality programming that is contextualized for various regions.



Pastor J has been singing since the age of 6. Since that time, he has sung with a number of choirs, recorded with one while in the U.S. Army, as well as placed well in a number of talent competitions.


Pressing Toward the Mark Campaign


Each year, I solicit funds to add or upgrade tools for ministry.  This year, I am seeking to upgrade video production equipment, as we prepare to launch original programming on  Any donation amount is appreciated.  My birthday is December 1st.

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